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Ozarks at Large

A storytelling group delivers universal stories from locals for locals - Ozarks at Large (KUAF)

The storytelling group That's What She Said is about to launch a third season this weekend. We asked one of the co-founders, Amber Forbus, about the shows this season and about what makes a great story.

Hey Hey NWA

That's What She Said, Leigh Wood and Amber Forbus

The boys interview the creators of That's What She Said, a comedic adult storytelling group out of Fayetteville, at the KUAF studio. They discuss the trappings of good storytelling, sharing embarrassing stories in public, and TWSS's upcoming season.

Arkansas Life

Arkansas Life Best of 2017 - BEST USE OF A DOUBLE ENTENDRE: That’s What She Said!

It may be the punchline to everyone’s favorite innocently dirty joke, but That’s What She Said is also the title of Fayetteville’s favorite live storytelling show.

Black Apple Awards 2017

Black Apple Awards 2017 - FAVORITE SPOKEN WORD EVENT WINNER: That’s What She Said!

We are happy to announce the 2017 Black Apple Award winners. All of these creatives were active in Arkansas during 2016. Thanks to all 6,000 people who voted, who donated and who attended our Little Rock showcase and the Fayetteville awards.

Later with Jason Suel

‘That’s What She Said’ set to conclude second season with three shows - Fayetteville Flyer

“In the end, we’ll all become stories.” That’s what Margaret Atwood said (in her 2006 book Moral Disorder), and we suppose she’s right about that. That’s probably at least part of why local storytelling troupe That’s What She Said has become such a popular attraction in Fayetteville in their two seasons of shows held at various venues the last couple years.

Northwest Arkansas Democrat Gazette

That's What She Said! in the Democrat Gazette

Amber Forbus, founding member of the live storytelling group That's What She Said, had almost no prior performance experience before her first TWSS show in October 2015. "The last time I spoke in public ... was to read a verse from the Bible at my sister's wedding, and there were less than 10 people at the ceremony," she says. "I was scared to death, and I mean shaking all over while I read."

Fayetteville Flyer

That's What She Said in the Fayetteville Flyer

“That’s What She Said” series of live storytelling events in Fayetteville create laughs from universal truths. This is about a joke that got big in a hurry. That’s What She Said. And now this live storytelling stage show based in Fayetteville rages on. That’s What She Said? Yes, That’s What She Said, a young but already successful series of shows featuring local storytellers that has recently sold out a few performances in Fayetteville.

Later with Jason Suel

That's What She Said! on Later with Jason Suel - Season 3, Episode 8

Amber and Leigh join Jason Suel and his cast for a short interview...

Post img

That's What She Said on THe Mischke Roadshow Podcast Episode 73 - Arkansas

Making friends in Fayetteville: Three women and two men invite me into a hidden little home, in an alley behind Maxine's Tap Room, for a night of Arkansas storytelling.


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